Every little girl deserves her very own piece of special jewellery. Show her you love her to bits with a personalised bracelet that fits her perfectly - she'll know it was created especially just for her and it will make her feel so grown-up! 

This bright, fun and colourful collection of bracelets have been designed especially with little wrists in mind and personalisation makes every piece as unique and as special as she is. 

With sizes ranging from tiny newborn right up to young adult you'll be certain to find the perfect gift to celebrate any special occasion or important milestone. Plus the sterling silver extender chain on all of these designs means the bracelet will grow as she does allowing for many years of wear and enjoyment.

Girls jewellery range
  Rock Candy                    Amethyst Shower                 Sugared Heart                 Raspberry Diva  


This collection of unique colourful bracelets make stunning gifts for friends and family, or simply as a well-earned treat for yourself.

These stand-out designs look fantastic worn alone or stacked together to add a splash of colour to any outfit.

Lovingly created from precious sterling silver and genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls here in the UK, you can be sure of exceptional quality as well as style.

Ladies jewellery range
  Paradise Green                    Perfectly Peacock                 Summer Blush                 Strawberry Frost  


A christening or communion is an important and significant day in a child's life. If you are invited to this special occasion or have the honour of being a god-parent and would like to bring a gift that really stands out and shows your thoughtfulness then these personalised christening bracelets really are the perfect choice.

Made with precious sterling silver and genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls all presented in white branded leatherette gift boxes topped off with a silver satin bow, these bracelets are sure to be treasured keepsakes of their special day.

Christening jewellery range
 Snow White                       Heaven Sent                    Innocent Sparkle                   Pure Pink  


It is such an honour to be asked to be a godparent. A christening is a very important day in a child's life and as their godparent you'll naturally want to give them an extra special gift.

This gorgeous collection of jewellery is designed especially for godchildren of any age from babies to teens. We have designs that can even be personalised with the child’s name and made to fit exactly meaning you can give a truly unique gift that can also be a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Godchild jewellery range
Rosaline Charm                        Tiny Ice                       Sterling Pebble                       Cherry Kiss  


Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love for one another and creating special memories for you and your loved ones. Which is why planning every detail right down to your bridal jewellery is so important. 

With a fantastic choice of colours and styles available you'll find ideal pieces for you, your bridesmaids and flower girls to wear that will fit in perfectly with your special day.

All the designs in this section are created with genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls and precious sterling silver so you can be sure of exceptional quality as well as beautiful style.

Godchild jewellery range
  Something Blue                      Pearl Promise                     Crystal Bliss                     Daisy Sparkle  


Birthstones are a wonderful way to add a splash of colour to a piece of jewellery as well as personalising it. If you'd love to give a gift that is both thoughtful and unique, the designs in this range are the perfect solution.
For centuries gemstones have been given as gifts to signify love, friendship and happiness. Each month of the year is represented by a different coloured crystal and any of the bracelets in this section can be personalised with your chosen colour. And don’t worry if you don’t know your Garnets from your Peridots, just take a look at the Swarovski birthstone chart below. 

Whether you’re marking a birthday, anniversary, christening or special event, our birthstone bracelets, considered to bring good luck to the wearer, are ideal for recognising and celebrating family members and loved ones.

Birthstone jewellery range
Gemstone Spirit                   Trilogy Shimmer                     Stardust                      Kiss of Colour  

And, of course, these bracelets are also perfect for treating yourself too! Simply choose your preferred colour crystal - either your birthstone, a birthstone of a loved one or simply your favourite colour and create a unique piece of jewellery that really means something special to you.


It's a well known fact that mums have the hardest job in the world. They work long hours for no pay, show unconditional love in the toughest of times and is the truest friend you will ever know. So buying a gift for Mother's Day, her birthday, birth of a baby or any other special occasion has got to be as unique as she is.

This collection is designed especially with mothers in mind. Whether it's your own mum, the mother of your children or you're the mum in question we have a wonderful collection of jewellery that can be proudly personalised with names and initials and will make meaningful and thoughtful gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Godchild jewellery range
           Desert Rose                     From the Heart                     First Love                  Precious Treasures  


They say being a grandparent is the reward for all the years of being a parent! Here you'll find our very special collection of bracelets that celebrate proud grandmothers. Whether she's Nanny, Nana, Nonna, Grandma, Granny or Nan - however she's known by the family we have designs that can be personalised with her very own grandmother name.

Or perhaps creating an extra special one-off bracelet for her that showcases her grand-children's initials and birthstones will be the gift she will treasure forever and wear with pride.

And, of course, all our items come beautifully gift boxed along with a personalised card so you can be certain that you've got her perfect gift completely covered.

Grandmother jewellery range
    Forever More                     Love Letters                  Mauve Melody                   Butterfly Kisses  


We love our aunties, sisters, nieces, dads and grandads and a wonderful way to show them how much we appreciate the relatives in our lives is with a special piece of jewellery that has been custom made especially for them.

Our fabulous range of thoughtful items that can not only be personalised and made to fit perfectly but also come beautifully gift packaged means we've got the ideal gift for any family member and for any occasion, completely covered for you.

Relatives jewellery range
Shaken, Not Stirred               Samba Crush                      Rich Berry                     Black Diamond  

Special Occasions

Any special occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday or Christmas is a perfect excuse to treat someone you love to a gift that shows just how much you care. All our designs are exclusive to Tilly & Tabitha so not only are you ensured to receive beautiful, unique jewellery but also you're guaranteed superb quality and customer service too.

So whoever you are shopping for, whether it's a loved one or yourself you'll be sure to find fabulous pieces here that will be a joy to wear and cherished for years to come.

Don't forget our items all come beautifully gift packaged in a white branded leatherette box topped off with a silver satin bow and we can even add a personalised message in the gift card for you too so everything is taken care of.

Special Occasions jewellery range
 Cherished Moment               Fuchsia Destiny                   Opulent Smile                 Champagne Bubbles  


Whether you're looking for a piece of unique and truly individual jewellery to give as a gift or simply shopping for yourself we have a wonderful selection of designs that are not only beautiful but also custom made to the highest standards. All pieces are made by hand with care and attention to detail and are all presented in beautiful branded white leatherette gift boxes topped off with a silver satin bow.

We have 99.9% fine silver stylish layered necklaces, colourful Swarovski crystal stacking bracelets, beautiful necklace and earring sets and even Mother & Daughter personalised matching bracelets, that all make stunning gifts for loved ones.

Sets jewellery range
Secret Rendezvous               Meet Me At Sunset                 Crystal Passion                   Pink Mirror     


Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary are all wonderful excuses to treat your loved one. They are occasions for showing your romantic side and giving a gift to your other half for no other reason than you love her and you want her to know it. However, choosing the perfect gift can be tricky so we’ve made things easy for you.

Simply choose your preferred style of jewellery then select the length you think will fit her best (this can be changed at a later date if she needs, so don’t worry) – then that’s it! The bracelet or necklace will be posted to you free of charge, complete with gift box and bow all ready to give to her and we can even include a personalised handwritten message in a gift card for you too at no extra cost.

Love jewellery range
Valentinus                        Je t'aime                       Cupid's Rock                       Ti Amo